Chief Whale

Carolyn Newton

Founder and Chief Whale of The Whale Company, Carolyn was born in South Africa and spent much of her childhood in Kinshasa, Congo before living in Paris, UK and Germany.  Carolyn is an enthusiastic, vivacious character who lives life to the full.  Her love of travel, nature and adventure has taken her to many parts of the globe: kayaking in New Zealand; safari in Kenya; climbing in Chile; whale watching in Canada; diving in Egypt and meditating in Bali.

Passionate about education; Carolyn began her professional career as a primary school teacher and went on to work as a tutor for children with special educational needs and assessor for a top tutoring firm.

Carolyn founded Whale Bags Ltd. in 2007 after learning that plastic was devastating the oceans; she read an article about a whale that had died from ingesting plastic and decided to take action – determined to help people stop using plastic bags she designed her organic cotton bags as alternatives.  Over the years Carolyn has brought all her passions together: education, protecting the environment, sport and travel, to develop the charity, The Whale Company.

Carolyn believes by turning passion into action you can bring about positive change in the world.