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A world where every person is healthy, happy and fulfilled, living sustainably in a safe, supportive community, in balance with nature.


To inspire change in attitude and behaviour to conserve and protect the environment, by promoting connection to nature and encouraging innovative solutions to real life problems, such as plastic pollution... to lead us to a more sustainable world.

Our Philosophy


Life is a journey.  Life is a challenge.  Life is a joy.  We accept responsibility for thoughts, words and actions as they shape our reality.

We are happy.  We see a world where measures of success are based on fulfilment and happiness, not on financial gain and unsustainable over consumption.

We are confident.  We see a world where people are happy and healthy; celebrated for their individuality, standing strong and proud, within a diverse, supportive and loving community.

We live in peace.  We see a world where every human life is given equal value; where children are protected from the immeasurable damage caused by social media, propaganda, video game and television violence, war, crime, corruption and political agenda.

We live in balance.  We see a world where every life is given equal value; where planet comes before profit, where the true cost of an item is calculated and an Earth Tax charged; where our own individual environmental impact is calculated and mitigated.

We fulfil our potential.  We see a world where key values are nurtured through time spent in nature; curiosity, adventure, creativity, innovation, respect, determination, presence, adaptability and kindness are encouraged and praised.

We are connected.  We are part of one humanity, one world, one universe, united by the universal fabric of love.  We come from one source, one creative power, one consciousness.