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Plastic Bottle Guide

To make one Bottle Board we need to use approximately 130 2 litre plastic bottles.  These bottles need to be in fairly good condition (NOT crushed) and they must be made of PET; this is a stronger, firmer plastic that is used to make soft, fizzy drink bottles or sparkling water bottles.  Ordinary water bottles (usually with ribs so that they can be crushed easily) cannot be used as they are not strong enough.  Ideally the 2 litre bottles should be straight, without any curves, as the curves make it very difficult to join, leaving holes where water can get in.  The bottles should all be the same size.


Good Examples:

These bottles are not ideal:

This water bottle is made from a weak plastic with ridges; it is designed to crush easily and is not strong enough for a Bottle Board.

Too curvy! When you join the bottles to make pipes, there are big holes where water can get in.