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We believe that we are all connected, no matter where in the world you come from.  Through connecting with nature we connect to ourselves and this then enables us to connect to others.

Bottle Boards is all about building connections.  We learned the importance of ‘connection’ when we traveled across Europe on our SUP marathon expedition.  Our journey was made possible by the generosity shown to us by others, people from different places and cultures, who we now call friends – new connections for life.

Through BOTTLE BOARDS we want to help people to connect to nature, to themselves and to others.  When you do a physical activity you become present; you forget the stresses of life and feel happy in the moment.  We live in a society surrounded by noise and distraction, many of us are addicted to technology, isolating ourselves from the real world and as a result depression and obesity are on the rise.  We want to encourage you to take time out and find some space for yourself.  Paddling is a great exercise which raises the endorphins in your body and makes you feel good!  We bring communities together to build boards.  Doing an activity in a group teaches patience, communication and teamwork.

And while you are having fun, communicating and building connections you are also learning a skill for life – how to turn a waste material into a useful resource.  We need to encourage a new generation of innovators and environmentally conscious designers to lead us into a better world.


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