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12 Marathons in 12 Countries

World Oceans Day, 8th June 2017
Carlos and Carolyn became the first people in the world to paddle a marathon on a SUP made of plastic bottles to raise awareness of the global issue of plastic pollution in the ocean.  They completed their first marathon on La Dordogne in France from Saint Julien de Lampon to Saint Cyprien. It was a spectacular route in stunning weather conditions and they completed the 26.2 mile/ 42.2 km course in 6 hours 45minutes (paddle-time) taking it in turns on their bottle board and the Explorace 12’6 SUP board kindly donated by Itiwit by Decathlon.  They went on to complete a total of 12 marathons in challenging conditions on rivers, reservoirs, lakes, the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Aegean Seas – in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovia and Montenegro.  They averaged approximately 4km an hour on the bottle board (the bottles create drag which make the board significantly slower than an ordinary board).  The longest paddle-time was 12 1/2  hours through the Drina Canyon in Bosnia & Herzegovina (where they actually completed 60km) and the shortest was 6 hours 35 minutes on the Danube in Bulgaria.

The Route

Interactive map created by Wanda Bodnar

With special thanks to all the clubs that helped us plan our routes; we could not have done it without your support.  In addition to the links on each marathon, we would like to thank Algarve SUP in Portugal, Sandiline in SloveniaProtect Blue and Montenegro Plus.


La Dordogne

8 June 2017, 6 hours 45


Atazar Reservoir

24 June 2017, 9 hours



8 July 2017, 11 hours



16 July 2017, 8 hours


Drava River

25 July 2017, 10 hours


Baćina Lakes

3 Aug 2017, 9 hours 30



12 Aug 2017, 9 hours 30


Lake Ohrid

27 Aug 2017, 10 hours 20


Danube River

3 Sept 2017, 6 hours 25


Danube River

10 Sept 2017, 10 hours 45

Together we can achieve more


Drina Canyon

18 Sep 2017, 12 hours 30


Rijeka Crnojevića

30 Sept 2017, 10 hours 50

ITIWIT by Decathlon kindly donated one of the new 12’6 Explorace SUP boards to accompany the plastic bottle board on the marathon as a support board.  Carlos and Carolyn took it in turns to paddle the bottle board and the Itiwit board.