I am amazed at the capacity the bags can carry and that they are strong enough. I also like that they are soft enough to trust carrying my fragile items. A great range of colours and a great cause.

Jane Li


I love the bag. The design is very clever, I like the earthy colours and most of all I like the fact that they are so environmentally responsibly made.

Sari Lambeek


I absolutely love my blue Whalebag! It’s useful in so many ways, looks lovely with its whale motif, and folds up to be really handy at the drop of a hat! And it’s strong enough to to carry whatever I want whilst still feeling good about the environment.

Claire Henry


My Whalebag is great. I got one in green and grey and the colours are lovely. The best thing though is the amount of things you can get in it! I love it!

Sarah Anderson


Great strong bag which holds more than it looks. I use mine for shopping and love that it folds up in my handbag, very pleased!

Cristina Cornell


What a great bag. It holds so much & copes really well with heavy stuff too; 5kg of jam sugar & the rest of my shop in one bag! You definitely need this bag.

Jenny Garner