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We are delighted to announce our new partnership with ITIWIT by Decathlon.  We shall be using one of their new 12’6 Explorace SUP boards to accompany the Plastic Bottle SUP on its marathon.

Having completed the 5km fun race at L’eau Vive on the Plastic Bottle SUP board, both Carlos and I felt that it would be wise to take it turns on the plastic bottle SUP for the marathon rather than using two plastic bottle boards, as the drag created by the bottles made the bottle sup rather slow.  We have, since then, built our marathon board which only has one level which should reduce the drag and therefore make us quicker.  None the less, we are very happy to be using one of the fantastic ITIWIT boards and they are kindly giving us their Wairgo hydra jackets too to make sure we are safe and hydrated.  Thank you ITIWIT.